Monday, April 26, 2010

The Beginning

THE STUDIO CREATIONS was born inside my soul a long time ago, but it's doors opened in January of this year (2010).
The idea when I started the project was to diversify my Graphic Design portfolio and be able to get some freelance work while I tried to go back to school and finish my degree in Packaging Design.
The "problem" in the process was that I started having too much fun with it!

For as long as I remember, I've making "things" with my own hands. My mother is an incredibly talented crafter and I learned a lot of the basics with her.

I began making my own soaps a few years ago when I started to concern myself with what goes in and on my body. There are too many chemicals out there these days and I didn't want any more of it on my skin. I went a step further and started studying the power of Aromatherapy. This way, not only my products would smell good, but also BE good for me and all my friends and family (I didn't think of it as a business back then).
So at first, I'd give these handmade treats as gifts, along with a greeting card I would design. The response was always so gratifying that I felt I could probably try and turn this passion into my full-time job.
That's how THE STUDIO was created.
I absolutely love to learn how to make new things, and I love spending the time and making every single piece a unique one, be it a candle, a soap, a lotion or a card. The more I make, the more I wanna make. My Studio has endless possibilities of creations. I feel like I never want to stop!
Everything is made in my little kitchen out in Brooklyn Heights, NY, with a lot of care and love. (My neighborhood is definitely part of my inspiration!)
I hope you enjoy the bits of our lives (The Studio and me!) that will be posting here and please be a part of it! Your feedback is very appreciated!

The Studio Creations