Essential Oils Description

Angelica Oil: Used to stimulate the circulatory system to remove toxins. It is considered a valuable aid for alcoholism. (I don't have the actual oil available, only Angelica powder)

Bay: Bay leaves oil has a strong, medicinal, spicy scent similar to that of cloves. It stimulates the circulatory system and calms the autonomic nervous system.

Bergamot oil: Smelling pure Bergamot oil is one of the great joys of aromatherapy. It's fruity, refreshing, lively with a  gentle flowery fragrance. The oil helps relieve fear and calms anxiety. It also acts as a stimulant and tonic and it helps regain self-confidence, uplifting and refreshing the spirit.

Carrot Seed oil: It's fragrance is woody, earthy, oily and warm (very strong scent). A skin lotion made with carrot seed oil helps nourish, tighten, revitalize and rejuvenate skin.

Cedarwood oil: It's fragrance is woody and sweet. This oil is warming, harmonizing, and thought to be life giving. it helps calm during times of fear and nervous tension. In difficult situations, the oil may provide comfort and warmth, and help stabilize energies thrown out of balance. Also used in anti-cellulite treatments or to stimulate the circulatory system.

Cinnamon oil: Stimulates creativity, strengthens the heart and nervous system. It has strong antiseptic and astringent properties. It is also used to relax tense muscles.

Clove oil: Used in dilution for rheumatism, arthritis and muscular aches and pains. The fragrance is spicy, warm and sweet.

Clary Sage oil: It's bright, earthy, herbaceous with a subtle fruity note. This oils feeds the soul and helps us get through meager times. It is stimulating, regenerative and revitalizing. The oil is very relaxing, which explains its sensual effect on both men and women. It's been particularly recognized as useful for people involved in creative work. It regenerates energy and it inspires both mind and spirit.

Cypress oil:This oil's fragrance is fresh, herbaceous, slightly woody, with an evergreen aroma.It is used for strength and comfort. Cypress oil helps when we avoid reality and become easily distracted. It strengths an overburned nervous system and restores calm.

Eucalyptus oil: Refreshing and stimulating. Increases concentration and intellectual capabilities. It has powerful germicidal properties. It aids the whole breathing process.

Fennel oil:The fragrance of fennel is sweet, spicy and anise-like.It has traditionally been used for weight loss, which may be due to a type of estrogenic action. It promotes the body’s natural cleansing ability, contributes to the mental balance, and revitalizes and stimulates memory and the brain’s functions.

Fir Needle oil: Used to clear the mind while the body relaxes.

Frankincense oil:The fragrance is spicy, woody, and incense-like. Breathing the scent of Frankincense slows and deepens the breath, allowing one to become more centered.It is also said to be an anti-cancer agent and it reduces wrinkles and fine lines when blended with evening primrose oil.

Geranium oil: The fragrance is flowery and rose-like. Used for stress and nervousness. Also great as a cellular regenerative in the treatment of acne, burns, broken capillaries, mature skin and eczema. It can also be used for cellulite treatment and congested skin. Geranium stimulates sensual feelings, and balances hormones during menopause.

Ginger oil: It warms and strengthens the body. According to Chinese medicine, ginger regulates moisture and raises body temperature. Used for arthritis and rheumatism.

Grapefruit: This oil's fragrance is light, fruity and fresh. This oil stimulates neurotransmitters that gives wings to feelings and a slight euphoria. It provides renewed zest for life, lightness, and well- being.It also provides beneficial treatment for oily skin and hair. It increases circulation and tightens skin, which makes it a good anti-cellulite lotion ingredient. It helps with water retention and toxin build up.

Juniper Berry oil: The fragrance is fruity, green, powerful, and typically like gin. The oil strengthens and uplifts the spirit during times of low energy, anxiety and weakness. It cleanses the atmosphere of a room and supports centering and meditation exercises. It also helps detoxify the blood, being a good ingredient for cellulite creams.

Lavender: Its fragrance imparts a feeling of inner freedom that allows one to let go of compulsion and anger. Lavender helps one undo negative self-talk; thinking becomes clearer, and balanced decisions made be made. The oil helps reduce mental ramblings that keep people from falling asleep.

Lemon oil: It's an essential oil with high vibrations, lifting spirits, specially when one may be feeling mental fatigue. It mostly stimulates the mind, increasing concentration and the ability to memorize. Lemon oil has antibacterial properties.
Caution: It can cause spots on the skin when exposed to sunlight.

Lemongrass:Cool and stimulating, lemongrass surprises with its intense

Lime oil: The fragrance is sweet, green, lively, unique and tangy. Lime oil with its lively, fresh fragrance stimulates, cheers, and refreshes tired bodies plagued by exhaustion, depression, and listlessness. Lime is antiseptic and helps fight infections and protects the body from viruses.
Caution: Like all lemon oils, lime oil can also cause spots on the skin when exposed to sunlight.

Litsea: Light, fresh lemon aroma; intense, very fruity. Similar to lemongrass, yet sweeter. Litsea essential oil is used in aromatherapy to treat many skin-related conditions such as dermatitis, spots and acne; it is found in many skin care lotions and ointments. Litsea has been used used in the treatment of stress, high blood pressure and post natal depression. Litsea has the following aromatic properties: antiseptic, deodorant, sedative, anti-inflammatory, calming.