Friday, August 6, 2010

Incredible Night at Etsy

picture by ecceprint's shop at etsy

I'm so glad I decided to go to the Etsy studio last night for the Craft Blogging Panel Discussion.

As you all know I'm new to this business and a lot of times I find it so hard to keep up with work, blogging, tweeting, "FB"ing, etc. So it was very, very helpful to sit down, enjoy some deliiiiicious beverages and snacks (yes, they had all that for us!) and listen to these amazing and successful ladies talking about the blogging business. 

Better than that was to meet and chat with all of them (and some other incredible people that was in the audience) afterwards. I can't get enough of that place and the craft community!

Check out some of the work they are doing:
"Swap-bot is a community where swappers can connect, share, and have fun. Swap-bot was originally created to be a tool used by blog owners to facilitate mail swaps with their readers."

That's Rachel's personal blog filled with fun pictures and stories!
Tonya is a party planner and she has some great tutorials.
Crissy is great. Here she shares business and marketing tips for women that wanna make a living for themselves.
This incredible artist shares her portfolio and inspires us with her talent.
Diane writes about holistic healing and wonderful things to fuel your soul.
Check out her amazing quilt pieces and great GIVE AWAYS!!!
Aga designs incredible jewelry using a Polish technique that is so intricate and beautiful.

Tonya's cupcakes!
Don't they look yummy?


  1. I am so glad you could come out to the Etsy blogging panel! I had a great time being a panelist and I am thrilled that we were helpful. Etsy really is fabulous. Maybe I will see you at one of the Monday Craft Nights at Etsy Labs in the future...

  2. Yes!!!Let me know if you decide to go one of these days!
    Thanks for stopping by and tweeting about my blog!

  3. Hi Thais! I love your blog! Thanks for mentioning my giveaway!! I had a great time at the Blogging panel at Etsy. It was very nice meeting you. I met so many great people there. Left with new friends and great advice. I will be visiting your site from now on!

  4. Thank you so much Stephanie!
    It's a pleasure to have you here!

  5. Ditto to everything Rachel said.

    You have such a beautiful blog and I'm so glad you could join us, otherwise I may never have found you in this huge community of crafty bloggers.

  6. Thank you Tonya.
    It was such a pleasure to meet you and all the great people at Etsy.

    Thank you for stopping by.